Reverse Logistics –Supply Chain Services

Doing business in today’s dynamic world requires innovation, flexibility, and technological expertise. C.W Technology is an industry leader with more than a decade of experience providing supply chain services to a wide range of clients, from chain retailers, to network operators. With capabilities ranging from depot repair, and asset recovery to advance exchange and warehousing, our supply chain services team can assess and analyze your individual needs, then customize a real-world solutions, that works.

Advanced Exchange Services

Almost twenty years ago, C.W Technology’s founders designed an advance exchange solution to support the telecoms industry. Today, C.W Technology continues to be a leader in advance exchange services and has expanded our capabilities to support whole unit replacement products quickly and efficiently.

Asset Recovery

C.W Technology’s asset recovery solution increases product speed-to-market, allowing clients to liquidate excess stock. Its asset recovery service not only converts functioning products but also used, obsolete or defective inventory. This asset recovery recycling service can help clients create channel-returned merchandise into new found revenue streams.

Depot Repair

C.W Technology pioneered the concept of depot repair for high-tech and volume industries and was the 1st western based refurbishing company in china, CWT continues to provide customized, fully integrated repair solutions that adapt to our clients strategic and tactical business requirements.

Facility Management

Our years of industry experience allows us to show, our clients how to realize lower costs and greater returns on investments for all their returns departments and programs,. Let us manage your asset, with controlled costs.

Returns Management

C.W Technology’s leading returns management program helps clients boost bottom line profits and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Our years of industry experience allow our clients to realize lower costs and greater returns on investments for all their returns programs.

Warehousing & Distribution

As leaders in distribution and customized warehouse management solutions, C.W Technology significantly improves clients’ competitive market advantage by leveraging distribution channels in 3 continents and increasing product speed-to-market.

Warranty Support Services

C.W Technology integrates customer operations, claims processing, financial management, and quality into a cohesive business base.

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