Re-marketing Solutions

Brand Protection

We offer end-to-end solutions. We recognize that there are products that require special services and work proactively with our clients to deliver solutions that protect our clients brand by eliminating the possibility of an asset returning to the market, while supporting their environmental and corporate responsibility policies, and reducing their financial exposure.

  • CW Technology offers de-boxing and re-marketing of electronic products.
  • Customer data erase and product flashing
  • De-branding logo’s from the packaging and main equipment.
  • Re- flash mobile phones (model and software dependent) taking away or changing , the wake up banners and carrier icons, and customer content .
  • Parts harvesting

Repair & Refurbishment

Using western technology & know-how, with Asian labor and distribution, we are able to offer refurbishment services for a vast range of products, from total refurbishment to board BGA repairs, and through to full electronic function testing & resetting

Trade-in Programs

In conjunction with Retail Chains, distribution companies and network operators, we have successfully launched Trade-in & Recycling programs, where consumers are able to trade-in their old electronic equipment for latest models.

Product Categories Supported;

Mobile phones   :  Laptops   :  GPS   :   Digital Cameras    Tablets   :    Netbooks   :  MP3/Ipods   :   Game Consoles   :

Our benefits include;

  • focused sales and customer support
  • customized website design, SEO
  • customer retention programs
  • No excess inventory
  • Integrate into e-commerce website
  • With all the benefits of no back office, or warehouse costs.


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