Recycling Electronic Waste


Properly disposing of your unusable equipment is quickly becoming a Government mandate.

C.W Technology’s philosophy of  “Cradle to Resource” instead of “Cradle to Grave” guarantees zero impact to landfills and the elimination of disposal expense to our customers.

  • Customized Recycling Programs and implementations
  • Certification of destruction and recycling electronics
  • State of the art shredding and separating capabilities
  • Clearing/destroying personal data on devises
  • Equipment de-manufacturing for complete material recovery
  • Protecting intellectual property and branding.
  • Prompt professional collection from our customer’s facilities.
  • We subscribe to “best in class” recycling services & procedures.
  • Sending waste material, only to facilities licensed to receive them.


Parts Harvesting:

Many electronic products that are beyond economical repair, often contain many functional parts.

Parts reclaim that enables the elimination of disposal expense. to many manufacturers.

I accordance and with consultation, CW Technology is able to offer Parts reclaim that enables the elimination of disposal expenses.

Parts  harvesting , and the management of  component reclaim inventory, with real time, online access to your inventory stored at our facilities allows you to make informed decisions quickly. We recover valuable components, such as HHD, RAM,  cameras, flash memory, connectors , IC’s, touch screens,  LCD screens,  assemblies and Mic/speakers, which could be tested & re-tagged for worldwide distribution to price sensitive countries.

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