Mobile Phone BUY-BACK Explosion

A new industry that have exploded.
Mobile phone recycling and is quickly becoming more popular.
We are starting to see commercials in TV or read a newspaper and see these company advertising to take your old mobile phones off our hands and pay money for them.
The rapid development of new technology and the nature of industries like mobile phones and the method of selling contracts with new handsets, by carriers like Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, have encouraged regular upgrades and replacements of mobile phones. This has led us to upgrade our mobile phones every 18-24 months.
Rather than just let our old phone sit in a drawers and not been used, you can now sell it to a mobile phone recycling company . These companies normally would refurbish and distributed the handsets to developing counties, where they play a major part in people lives. Very old mobile phones that are beyond economic repair are normally broken down and the parts are recycled for the making of new products.
Companies like cashAphone and mazumamobile are the largest in Australia and are the most reputable, by offering the highest prices. These companies are found on the web.
Customers are asked to log onto their websites and put in the details of the phone that you want to sell, and your details. The website will then give you a quote on what they are willing to pay you for it. If you decide to go ahead, you simply print a Australia Post FreePost label, place your phone in an envelope or they will send you out a free post pack, you post the phone to them and then they pay you. Different phones are worth different values and you’ll usually find you can get more money based on the phones condition.
CashAphone offers one of the largest buy-back choices, with a large range of models from B/W models to smartphones we offer the best prices with largest range of models, we are committed in keeping our planet safe and green, while rewarding you.

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