Hewlett-Packard New Tablets and Phones

Hewlett-Packard wants to get back into the business of selling phones.

Almost a year after buying Palm and nearly two years since Palm introduced its last product, H.P. announced on Wednesday in San Francisco that it would make a PC tablets, the Touchpad, running on the webOS operating system.

It looks like an iPad. But it is lighter, weighing 680 grams, and has a 9.7-inch screen. Running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the device’s selling point will be its ability to multitask quickly.

It will support virtual private networks for corporate users and enables video conferencing.

The device will be available later this year, the company said, with Wi-Fi. Devices for 3G and 4G phone networks will come later.

The company also introduced the Veer, a small phone — the dimensions of a credit card, with a slide-out keyboard. It also operates as a hotspot device. It will be available in the 3rd quarter of 2011.

And the company will also introduce the Pre 3, an iPhone look alike for the business market. It also has a slide-out keyboard.

Consumers are able to update without being harmful or wasteful with the earth’s resources. And all they have to do is recycle.

We must recognize that re-new and reuse is the highest form of recycling. While recycling and reuse has doubled over the last few years, only 10% of mobile electronic products are currently being recycled.

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