Case studies

Issue: A client required a trusted company to test, repair and data erase their return products before using them in a express replacement program.
Solution: C.W Technology was able to implement systems that met and exceeded the customers own time and budget forecasts.

Issue: A client required an effective method for trading-in mobile phones through their online website, and having customers come into one of their stores.
Solution: C.W Technology created a software program utilizing a web-based portal that enabled customers to complete the process and be directed to their closest store, bring their used phones for trade-in and a voucher for redemption.
Benefit: We exceeded our client’s expectations by increasing their new customer’s, and maintaining their existing customers.

Issue: A client wanted to start a collections program for the collection of used electronic products, and raise funds for schools and social clubs, and required a complete end to end solution.
Solution: C.W Technology created and website, with a SEO program, and with C.W Technology’s sort and grading systems.
Benefit: the client is able to view, maintain and sell products, and raise funds for schools and social clubs.

Issue: A online store client wanted to increase sales, by offering cash for old phones to his customers, and without asset ownership.
Solution: C.W Technology was able to offer the client an affiliate program with
Benefit: The online store client receives weekly commissions, without asset ownership.

Issue: A client needed to recall a product while making a small modification and redistributing the product to their dealer network.
Solution: CW Technology implemented dealer pickups, modification and redistribution. Through a multi-device flow that minimized turnaround times.
Benefit: The client was able to prevent refunds and minimized disruption and confidence in their product cycle.

Issue: A client required re-marketing and bundling, for a product that was at the end of its product cycle.
Solution: CW Technology developed a return to depot, repack, re-market solution and processed 2000 items in under 1 week.
Benefit: The client is now able to sell them for xmas.

Issue: A client required their out-of-box products to be refurbished and re-marketed within the Australian market.
Solution: C.W Technology to introduce a refreshed line of products to Australians
Benefit: The client was able to reduce their returns costs, while able to offer their brand to  budget minded customers.


Components sold in a range of countries to the effect that no one country may account for more than 33% of Component sales.

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