We are a reverse logistics and recycling company in the Telecommunication & electronic equipment industry.

C.W Technology is an industry leader with more than a decade of experience providing supply chain services to a wide range of clients, from chain retailers, to network operators. With capabilities ranging from asset recovery and depot repair, to advance exchange and warehousing, our supply chain services team can access and analyze our clients individual needs, then customize a real-world solution that works and enables maximized asset recovery. Our management and staff team are unique to CW Technology, giving us an understanding of each customers and the ability to customize a solutions that are tailored to their needs, whether they are a manufacturer, carrier, distributor, or retailer. Our Vision To reduce the worlds disregarded technology with the vision and the commitment in keeping our planet safe and Green.

Now in our 15th year CW Technology is an Australian company at the forefront of Technology Recycling. At CWT we specialize in recycling end-of-life technology.

Behind the brands:

In conjunction with Retail Chains, OEM’S and network operators, we have successfully launched Trade-in & Recycling programs.


Client Focused

We have evolved into Australia’s leading Recycling company because we listen to what our clients want. Our clients ask for a simple ways to dispose of end-of-life Technology with maximum financial returns and minimal environmental impact. We’ve deliver.

Better Financial Return

Through our unique downstream systems and  we guarantee delivery of superior financial outcomes for our clients, with faster turnover and lower costs.

Open and Ethical

Our ‘open-book’ policy includes direct access to an online system for lodgement and tracking, allowing customers to track equipment throughout the process.

Committed to a Cleaner Environment.

We believe in being ‘green’. We are ISO 14001:2004 certified and have received EPA and government inspections to our processing facilities. We maintain a zero landfill policy.

One Call Action solution in the disposition of materials and assets with an absolute zero impact on landfills and a deep commitment, to reducing or eliminating their recycling costs.




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